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Retired Engineering Workforce
Building Your Own Dream, Building Your Own Business… Be You Own Boss!

If you are retired, healthy, energetic and feeling the “fire”, with a Dream to Build Your Own Business doing what You Know Best…. which needed Engineering Services Workshop Facilities and Office as a Front or as a Base ….

If you do not want to work for another company, but having business ideas, skillset, domain knowledge and experience in Engineering Related Industries which required an Engineering Services Facilities, Office and Business Infrastructure to support your entrepreneurial intention….

Join our LinkUp Incubation Program, Be Your Own Boss!

Start Your Engineering Related Business Services,
With an Engineering Workshop, Office and Business Infrastructure,
Be Your Own Boss with just Under S$10,000 Starting Capital

Minimal cost, make full use of WWG Engineering premises, engineering workshop, office, logistics, business infrastructure, start your own Engineering related business objectives.

WWG Engineering will offer these resources to allow your fast taking-off.

Incubation Centre Catering LinkUp Affiliates, Associates and Partners

Let’s imagine that some of the Affiliates, Associates and Partners, after knowing our LinkUp objectives and how WWG Engineering wanting to BRIDGE this program, some may be inspired and want to start their familiar Engineering Services or Related Environment as a background to run as their own business ventures whereby an Engineering Services Workshop Support is part of their Essential Model.

Never Thought Before?
You Can Now Easily Start Your Own Engineering Services Business Without Worrying Hefty Starting Capital, Risk

Even though some had probably never even thought about starting a business venture after retirement in their lives, because starting a business of such types that required workshop infrastructure could be a very expensive exercise, needing a fair bit capital to move on. More so, if it is the type that required physical workshop space, machineries, facilities and commercial vehicles logistic support etc. plus basic technical services, production, office and co-ordination staffs etc.

Join us, to eliminate your Startup Risk.

Scenario could be very different once LinkUp program and objectives are properly launched into the marketplace.

Leveraging on Our Infrastructure, Startup Capital is of Little Concern

In this program, the business ideas and startups can be launched very quickly, leveraging on what WWG Engineering already heaving, to minimize all the initial business startups investment costs, certainly, RISK! Then they can have option of move out and move on as their businesses stabilized, or expanded.

Operation Model

Platform Creation Upon Successful Implementation

A 5% hitting rate in this incubation program is meeting our minimum success criteria.

  • We will create a Platform to promote this Incubation Centre initiatives.

We will invite more successful business owners joining our platform to participate in areas of their domain business resources and expertise.

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