Annual & Lunar New Year Dinner

After a huge year of surpassing 300% business growth in FY 2023, WWG Engineering Team celetrates its Annual and Lunar New Year Dinner under high spirit. Plenty of good food, drinks and karaoke. Great thanks to all business associates making it to this great event, which means a lot to us. We want this unique business recipe and formula to continue. Big thanks to All Staffs. Your struggle, hardwork and perceverance count. Happy New Year, Good Health....! ...



Celebrating Chinese 7th-Month

Hungry Ghost Festival... In Singapore, we celebrate this Ghost Month in Chinese lunar calender, which is the 7th month. This year 2023, WWG Engineering has chosen to do a main celebration on its last day, September 14th. Inheriting this great tradition, WWG has prepared food and prayer, to seek peace and good luck for ALL. On this last day, all ghosts shall return to where they came from.... after one month of enjoyment here.... ...



Big Machine, Big Jobs

The Largest One-Stop Integrated Engineering Solutions and Surface Modification Technology Facility in Singapore. WWG is specialising in Thermal (Metal) Spray, Cold Spray, Laser Cladding, Welding (includes cast iron), Workshop Machining, Mechanical Equipment Overhaul, in-house or in-situ (on site). WWG Biggest Lathe Capacity: OD Swing 2400 mm X Working Length 4000 mm WWG Longest Lathe Capacity: OD1300 mm X Working Length 10000 mm WWG Biggest Laser Cladding Capacity: OD Swing 16...



WWG Marine at the Anchorage

Another successful deployment to complete Anchorage repair work at record time. Electrical and Mechanical Team troubleshooting work, with fast diagnosis, immediate design, new parts fabrication in-house, returned to Anchorage to reinstall, commissioning, testing and handing back faulty equipment within short time. WWG Marine Team likes and eager to perform challenging jobs on the sea....



Out-Beating the Rest

This is a combined 17.5 Ton gearbox, to carry out repair under equipment maker's heavy attention. The job involved rebuilding of 2 split bearing seating pockets by metal spray under tight schedule. WWG Team are honored to have opportunity working on critical work like this.... after a local small thermal spray shop failed to perform, where all coatings cracked and failed. ...



Mid-year Party

HAPPY MID-YEAR GATHERING There are so many reasons for us putting together enjoying a good Friday Night Party. This time... we did it in front of our Level 4 workshop, with great success. Special thanks to many customers, friends, network and our staffs. Thank you All for the huge support. It was a fabulous evening. Together, we are looking forward to an even brighter time ahead. ...



WWG Marine is Getting Popular

Unique Mix, Cross-complementary and Highly Flexi, Synergestic  Deployments of Wide Spectrum Surface Engineering Technology, Mechanical Works, Machining Strength, Large Production Capacity with a Team of Most Dedicated and Competence Workforce are the main formula behind WWG Marine's early success. WWG is becoming a popular choice among Engine Makers, Shipyards, Local Engineering Workshops, and Ship Owners Worldwide. Keeping focused, and determined,  we shall anticipate more to com...



Inspirational Views Outside WWG Off

Sea view is always nice, at any place. Outside WWG Office Windows, we see beautiful sea views, on a dry clear day like this. But what is most important is, these views are giving us enormous inspirations.... Business Inspirations..... because we can see huge stretch of process plants and industry at the far end. Imagining the billion dollars of business potential originating from these plants annually....  This has in actual fact, becoming the biggest dream of WWG Engineerin...



Large Crankshaft Grinding at WWG En

There have been quite some changes in the big crankshaft grinding indusry. As a new comer,  WWG Engineering has started gaining market attention. It has been undertaking big crankshaft grinding work on a very regular basis. Truely.... Old Technology, New Avalibility!   Large Crankshaft Grinding used to be dorminated within the hands of only among a few large engineering shops. Time changed, things changed...., most of these companies are no more arou...



Parts are Much Bigger....

Bet this is a Natural Migration. Bigger Space, Bigger Machinery, and ... follow by taking on many Bigger Parts. Relocation, and recently expanded to a 30,000 sq ft production facility was such a success for WWG Engineering. We are now handling bigger and bigger parts into the production space.  A big challenge, but a good experience for many of our young staffs.  ...



What a Busy Weekend...

Market is back?? Perhaps!! .... since november 2022, WWG Engineering is experiencing business surge of more than 50%.  Christmas day... new year day... and to the extend, there was no lunar near year break here.... This is yet another hectic weekend. Staffs are working round the clock to push work thru.... what is most crucial and remarkable here is, employees are so helpful, co-operative and extremely hardworking. Believe, this will bring WWG Engineering to its next level of success!!! ...



WWG Team Finding On-site/In-situ Wo

Carefully planned and established as our latest Complementary Technology, it is WWG's strtategy to build additional business activities synergising, serving its existing market customers network coverage... Within latest quarter alone, On-site/In-situ jobs had contributed estimating 30% of our total sales revenue. WWG On-site/In-situ consists of an unique blend of Metal Spray, Machining, Laser Alignment, Welding, Blasting and Painting. On top of recent's multiple projects on-board vessel...



Overhaul the Production Floor...

As things settling down, it is time to tidy up the shop floor management. Image building, overall presentation, machinery maintenance and upgrading in progress, proper zoning, HSE implementation ... we want to move into a new phase of quality readiness before end of the month!!...



Never Stop Improving

Launching of Application Chamber #6.  It is a simple initiatives, but the implication has been tremendous. All like the idea of housing Cold Spray Process into a controlled environment production chamber . A small move, yet carring the "technology look". Practical!!! ...



A Next Level in a Blue Ocean

Never-say-die!  There is always Rainbow after a Storm!  Think positive, work positive, continue investing into Knowledge, Technology and People, non-stop creating our own niche.... We will definitely be at the epicentre of every highly sought-after industry needs. Thermal Spray Coatinfg is our key technology, but we also have to keep looking up for many synergistic expansion into many more complimentary plus new form of surfacing technologies, very soon. Materials science develop...



A Great Work-out

The world today is about networking. Real treasure and appreciate like-minded, ambitious, forward-looking old & new friends in this world of Engineering Services across the causeway. We have had a great week... hope to see you all in Singapore soonest.... Assembling of the right strength would definitely cut-short many of our stuggling journey. This is a good start....and we will be there. Together, let's create the difference.... All the best for us. ...



A new Home for WWG Regional HQ

Over the years, it has been tough in juggling between escalating business-costs resulting from space, labour-related and material-supplies, versus challenging selling pricing. A covid-19 pandemic was more or less putting a "final nail onto coffin" of many SMEs. Many aging SME Bosses are also facing issues on business sustainability, succession plans and charting-forward business strategies .... At WWG, a diservisied business group, we are always lookiing at the brighter side of the ...



A Small Step, yet a Huge Starting i

A Small Step, yet a Huge Starting for the WWG Engineering in the journey of Digital Technology Transformation. Franco Gan has been JV Partner in WWG's A.I. Business. He is currently speerheading a Blockchain and Tokenisation Platform Program  in an revolutionery project for a WWG company in Malaysia. Franco is a speaker and an inventor of leading intelligent IoT and AI solution creator, with the purpose of creating a high quality and well-performed services with cuttin...



New Office for WWG Engineering

A Great Starting in 2022. This year 2022 means a lot for WWG Engineering. We are 10 years old, and we are a much ready company today in terms of technical, technology, business and financial. As we are growing towards a teenager, suddenly, we realised that we are having many great planning and things to do.... From office, Technical, Engineering Support, Marketing, Sales, Production Environemnt and Facilities... we are have a huge series of adenga in the pipeline.... First, Our Sup...



Sailing Thru The Covid-19 Pandemic

Crisis and Opportunities. Notice our Thermal Spray Flames? We have the "Never-Say-Die Spirit". We have these Fire and Heat Driving us Towards New Millenium.... Like many businesses out there, when the Covid-19 Pandemic came, we were equally unprepared. There was no clue to what extend (how big and long time) would this impacts WWG Engineering businesses. Since then, there were too many to work on.... cost control, sales continuity, stable workforce (des...



Operation We Clean Up Tagore Estate

Together with our Singapore MP, Mr Henry Kwek, 60 volunteers from 13 companies had great fun combing the entire Tagore Estate to pick up litter in the Operation We Clean Up Tagore Estate this morning....



FATTER family celebrating Chinese

Despite setting up its business in a super challenging time (inception since 2012), Fatter Group has been growing leaps and bounce in this very competitive Singapore engineering services environment. ...