A Program Originated from the WWG Business Innovative Centre


Hundreds and may be thousands of workforces at all levels are retiring form Engineering and related industries and companies every year. This may be due to retirement, retrenchment, or whatever reasons. Their post retirement life may be 100% shut off, staying at home, joining voluntary organizations, taking up new fulltime or part-time jobs, may start looking for some new employment…. Or simply, at a loss and not knowing what to do….

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Operational Chart:


LinkUp is created to help every of these retired workforces, able to capitalize on a hidden potential that they hardly even noticed or looked at, to generate long-term passive income, even if they do nothing, staying at home enjoying full retirement life.


Mainly as a CSR Program to retirees of Engineering companies, bridging their hidden potential with engineering services provider, in this case, starting off with the platform founder, WWG business group, to test the market. Retired members need or good to have income, passive in this case. They can choose to be 100% passive, partially involved, or reporting full time to our office to participate, so their post retirement life is fulfilling and rewarding.

To WWG, its Engineering business would ride on this network expansion, selectively and carefully analyze the opportunities, meet and promote the business to the customers recommended in the program. Casting the net wide open into the market place, there are thousands of potential customers. Any areas where business is materialized, we will transfer back the benefit to the LinkUp member as a passive income.

HOW This Works?

WWG line out the LinkUp storyline as plain and clear as possible, launch the program to the market. Explain to people who are interested to join our program. WWG to share clear term-sheets and options of working arrangement. Example, 100% passive, partially involved, or full time involved.

Once fully understood and agreed, an agreement with members will be signed. Immediately, can start reaching out to their network to explore opportunities. Upon successful business execution, member will be rewarded on agreed percentage, and benefit continues for as long as member is complying to the committed terms and conditions.

WHO ELSE Can Join The LinkUp?

Anyone above 18 years of age and having their own network in the named industry.


“Nothing-to-lose-theory”… Not joining is a guaranteed ZERO. If members joining, there is always a chance of Win-Win-Win.

Platform Members Wins - Engineering Customer Wins - WWG Engineering Wins

If we can send the accurate message consistently into the retiree communities, a striking rate of 5-10% will be a huge success for the LinkUp program.

Key to Success:

In this case, Mutual Trust is important. Both sides understand the model of collaboration, manage effort and reward honorably, we can create a big miracle in the LinkUp Platform forward.

LinkUp Success:

If there is any success of above 5%, we will be super encouraged. We will move forward to create this as Business Platform to help bridging up Retired People and the Corporate World, so that Retired People can have a choice if they are suitable, appropriate and if they may want to be an “Affiliate, Associate or Partner” working on business initiatives with an Engineering Services Provider like the WWG Engineering Pte Ltd,

As a Business Platform also means that, we will allow suitable, credible Corporates and Merchants (under stringent assessments) to come onboard, making admission into this platform; First, starting with Engineering, more diverse areas of Engineering Industry, and later, we will add on more industries.

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