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New Robotic Laser Cladding System


It has always been WWG Engineering's objectives to continue assemble some of the most sought-after Surface Modification and Surface Engineering Technologies under one-roof. Under careful planing and execution, such strategy would enhance completeness and offering of a very uniquely structured "Total Integrated Complete One-Stop Engineering Services Solutions&...


Admission into ASPRI Membership


Kudos and a huge Congratulations to WWG Engineering Management and Staffs. Proudly announcing the official admission into ASPRI membership, this is a very special, inspiring moment for WWG Engineering Pte Ltd to Celebrate its achievement .  Despite extremely challenging market conditions, it has been a hard-built culture at WWG demonstrating Tremendous Perseverance, Determination, Team-Effo...


Entering a High Growth Stage


Major human capital restructuring, alongside with relocation into a much bigger production space, launching new technology, adding new production machinery and major revamp of marketing strategy, had landed big for WWG Engineering Pte Ltd. The results.... a hafty 300% business growth in FY2023. What we see in FY2024, this growth trend is continuing, despite gloomy economy situatons ac...


Babbitt Bearings Technical Seminar


BABBITT BEARINGS TECHNICAL SEMINAR Following up business partnership with Osborne Engineering Limited (UK, UAE, Poland, USA), jointly, WWG Engineering has conducted first ever Babbitt Bearings Technical Seminar, offering  Babbitt (White Metal) Bearings Management Management and Training to Managers and Engineers  in the Process, Power Generations and Marine Industry. The seminar&nb...


Exclusive Global Partnership with Osborne Engineering Group


Exclusive Global Partnership with Osborne Engieering Group Established since 1984 in UK, Osborne Engineering Group has built its name in the areas of white metal bearings repair and manufacturing, Gas Turbine Fuel System Services, Technical Training, and On-site monitoring system. Osborne White Metal Bearing Services and Parts Manufacturing, are approved and recognised by many global big nam...


UHLA, Trademark Successfully Registered


UHLA, is now an Official Trademark of WWG Engineering Pte Ltd. Officially approved and registered with Singapore Trademarks Registrar on Sept 28, 2023, UHLA is a brand of WWG Engineering under category: Laser Treatment of Metal UHLA refers to "Ultra HighSpeed Laser Applications". Under UHLA, WWG is committed to develop many Ultra HighSpeed Laser inclusive of Laser Cladding, La...


Propeller Shafts Stern Tube/Intermediate Bearings


High Demand for Marine Bearings Starting this year 2023, large numbers of Babbitt/White Metal Re-metalling work carried out at WWG Engineering Plant. Among many, are Stern Tube AFT, FWD Bearings, Intermediate Plummer Block Bearings etc. Babbitt White Metal, new fabrication or pure re-metalling and complete machining, with 3rd party inspection and Marine Class Surveyor Certifications. In S...


Largest Integrated One-Stop Engineering Repair Centre


WWG has achieved great success, building up an unique business culture. With firm belief, WWG is putting main focus on what Singapore is severely lacking of today. Can-do attitude, Committed service philosophy, a 24X7 seamless service support catering all industrial needs, non-stop innovation on technological and technical competency upgrading.  As the Largest One-Stop Integrated Engineeri...


UHLA, Completion of a Large Laser Cladding Work


400 Ton Crane Hydraulic Rod Outer Diameter 410 mm X Length 8.5 m;   A severely damaged hydraulic rod was successful rebuilt 3 mm thickness throughout by WWG's Ultra HighSpeed Low Temperature Laser Cladding, ground and polished to Ra 0.20 microns. ...


Nanyang EMBA Class of 2023 Graduation Dinner - Willie Wong Gold Medal award winner -Mr.Terry Ng


Terry Ng, Willie Wong Gold Medal award winner Terry is a finance professional with 16 years of experience leading teams and initiatives in a broad spectrum of corporate finance, accounting, analysis, and audit functions. He is currently the Finance & Controlling Director at Tiger Asset Management, a Danish-backed boutique financial services firm. Prior to this he was with Evonik Industries, a...


WWG On-site/In-situ at Anchorage


Another Big Step.... This time, WWG On-site/In-situ Team was successfully deployed to the Anchorage to support our client's "fire-fighting" critical service rectification works on 2 units Main Engine Liners. This job required experienced technical service staffs to work overnight, round the clock till completion. We managed to activate Instant Mobilisation in the evening and missi...


New ISO Certification 9001, 14001, 45001


Successful Renewal of ISO Certification  WWG Engineering has been building very firm corporate objectives and values on its exact purpose and mission. How it is building up its corporate culture, and how to create and project its uniqueness to present itself in this highly competitive market. WWG Quality Policy is Simple and Clear. We put daily emphasis on Environment, Cleanliness and S...


UHLA , Ultra HighSpeed Laser Application


Ultra HighSpeed Low Tempurature Laser Cladding With exactly 12 months of development work, today marks the launch of among the most significant milestones in WWG Engineering's technology roadmap. The official launch of WWG Engineering's Ultra HighSpeed Low Temperature Laser Cladding Process. As the largest integrated one-stop engineering solutions facility in Singapore, UHLA is ...


A Huge Month of May For WWG On-Site


May 2023. Undoubtedly, it was a Huge Month for WWG On-Site Teams. We are glad to announce successful conclusion of all our 3 major on-site activities. On top of these, we are also having many smaller teams deploying into minor on-site work orders concurrently. This was our first time in history that, having deploying about half of our working strength out to the site projects.  Despite ...


WWG Valves


Valve Ball Repair & Re-manufacturing Dia 2" - 48" WWG Engineering continues its emphasis in creating an Uniquely Integrated One-Stop Engineering Solutions development. It has been a long wait, and finally, WWG is able to assemble all the critical processes and today, WWG Engineering Valves Division is officially launching Valve Ball re-coating, repair and re-manufacturi...


BizSAFE Level STAR Certification


It is always WWG Engineering's management philosophy, objective and firm policy to uphold and run its business at the Highest Level of Safety Practices. In yet another successful milestone, WWG Engineering Pte Ltd has achieved BizSAFE Level STAR certification by the WSH Council. A big THANKS and let's  celebrate with Company Safety Management Committee, all members of WWG, and our ...


WWG Marine, Fast & Good


In less than 6 months, WWG Marine was successfully incubated and set up. it is becoming a growing popular name among local Singapore Marine Industry and it is making good penetration to ship owners worldwide. A Super Encouraging Customers' Feedback:  WWG Engineering is Fast & Good Proudly, emerged as The Largest, Most Uniquely Integrated Workshop for Mechanical & Marine...


Successful On-site Metal Spray, Sri Lanka


Another Huge Achievement by WWG On-site Metal Spray Team.... This time, to perform on-site metal spray far in Sri Lanka. The work required coating of special alloy deposition to rebuild a giant vertical Flender Gearbox's Housing and Topcover Bearing Pockets, followed by in-situ Vertical Line Boring to finish. Work completed with good quality, precision and on-time, as complemented by WWG...


Cylinder Heads Cast Iron Rebuilding Specialist


Cylinder Head Cast Iron Rebuilding Specialist Diesel Engine Cylinder Heads' Cracks, Blow-Thru-Holes, Pitting Corrosion, Excessive Worn Off... Especially the Exhaust Pockets repair, Top Gasket Face, Bottom Cooling Water Holes repair.... etc.  Under yet another Product Applications Development's breakthru, WWG Engineering has emerged as a Specialist in dealing with Cylinder Head...


WWG Hydraulic Cylinders


This is the WWG Hydraulic Cylinders 2.0. WWG has the capacity and experience to handle Hydraulic Cylinders up to 9 meters. We can perform complete overhaul, repair, refurbish, reassemble, testing and lately, we undetake new design and re-manufacturing. Barrel ID Welding Repair and Honing, Rod Hard Chrome Plating, HVOF Tungsten Carbide Coating and Laser Cladding are the usual solutions. ...


WWG On-Site(In-Situ) Launching


It was a long dream and great ambition. For a mere 6 months under new Leadership, Management and a 49-men Strong-Team, WWG Engineering had creatively established successfully launched an Uniquely Blended On-Site Services Capabilities covering the following: 1) Machining - On-Site Milling, In-Situ Line Boring, Flange Facing, Pipe Cutting & Bevelling, Laser Alignment (Succ...


Carbon Graphite Bushing


Carbon Graphite Bushing From Services to Products.... Backed by sophisicated R&D expertise and technical support, we are offering High Grade Carbon Graphite Bushing, primarily adopting Semi Coke made from High Grade Jurassic Coal. This is regarded as a New Type of Carbon Material, substituting some Metallurgical Coke. In general, Semi Coke has successfully replaced Coke, Pet-coke, and Ch...


Effort Towards Quality Environment Health And Safety


It has been such an achievement on our successful certification of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001, on June 24, 2022. We congratulate the WWG ISO Committee and a Big Thanks to the full hearted support and co-operation from All the Employees. WWG Engineering Pte Ltd is committed to providing customised Thermal Spraying Coating and Engineering Equipment value-added solutions that exceed our cus...


Dr. Wira Lends Weight to WWG Engineering


Dr. Kurnia Wira is an Associate Scientist at WWG Engineering Pte Ltd. Apart from being a well-known figure and long-time friendship in the industry, WWG Engineering is taking best benefits and maximum leverage of Dr. Wira’s prior vast research, projects and hands-on experience in areas of surface and material related engineering development work. A PhD in Nuclear Engineering/Plasma Phy...


A New Milestone in the Making


A new High Bay, 20 ton overhead crane, and a much larger workshop space with many new machineries setting up in progress. A state-of-the-art 16,000 sq ft Surface Technologies  Centre catering for production, demo and training centre is also underway....


Process Piping Business Launched


PRIOCESS PIPING DEPARTMENT  WORK SPECIALIZATION WWG Engineering specializes in Steel Fabrication, Pipes and Tubes works. Starting March 2022, the company  has started providing the following services and products. Stainless Steel & Steel Fabrication - Tubes, Pipes, Pressure Vessels, Structural Carbon steel, Stainless steel pipes and non-ferrous metal works Process p...


WWG Engineering


WWG Engineering prides itself as a Singapore Thermal Spray Coating and Equipment Specialist. WWG Engineering was a new brand in the Singapore Thermal Spraying Coating scene conceptualised very recently. Today, January 11, 2022, WWG Engineering Pte Ltd is Officially Born in Singapore as a business entity. Moving forward, WWG Engineering Pte Ltd main passion is to transform the original &ldquo...


White Metal Bearing Business


Invented by Isaac Babbitt in 1838, White Metal Bearing is also commonly known as Babbitt Metal. Remetalling is hence called Re-babbitting. In engineering applications,White Metal Bearings is primarily used to line cast iron, steel and bronze bearing shells. Usually, it is a tin based or lead based alloy containing moderate amounts of copper and antimony. In critical engineering environment such...


FATTER investing into new Surface Deposition Processes Cold Spray Technology


As Technology evolves, FATTER continues to innovate, investing into new Surface Deposition Processes, in this case, Cold Spray Technology. Fatter is gaining success in accumulating  knowledge, technological competency and readiness. This is paving its way towards construction of a Sustainable Ecosystem in an one-stop Integrated Engineering Equipment Refurbishment technological business model....


Another Milestone Achievement of FATTER Services, with Capability and Quality


The FATTER team has successful complete a recent shutdown maintenance for a major Food Industry plant at SENOKO. Critical equipment  TSK-MT1 MIXER & M 1000 VERTICAL MIXER were refurbished in a record time. We are proud that our customers were pleased with our services and response to this SDM. ...




As a true sign of recognition in its industrial achievement and success, FATTER is proudly announcing its official alliance with a group of specialised engineering corporations across Asia. From Japan to Singapore, the alliance partners are HORIGUCHI Engineering Co Ltd, HYCROM Metal Works Pte Ltd, and JOHNRIS Systems Pte Ltd. HORIGUCHI Engineering Co Ltd Established    May 1, ...




In August of 2018, FATTER was tasked with handling of the Shutdown Maintenance (SDM) of Petrochemical Corporation of Singapore (Private) Limited (PCS). In order to complete the SDM, the FATTER team worked hard and safely to ensure that the SDM completed within schedule and without incident. By balancing working hard and working smart, the FATTER team’s efforts resulted in the recognition ...


Operation We Clean Up Tagore Estate


Together with our Singapore MP, Mr Henry Kwek, 60 volunteers from 13 companies had great fun combing the entire Tagore Estate to pick up litter in the Operation We Clean Up Tagore Estate this morning. The event's objective was to raise the awareness of the need to keep our environment clean and pleasant to work in. After the event, company executives had a fruitful, roundtable sharing with Mr ...




Despite setting up its business in a super challenging time (inception since 2012), Fatter Group has been growing leaps and bounce in this very competitive Singapore engineering services environment. Following complete upgrading of its Senior & mid-managmeent team and revamping of the business strategy, the Fatter Group have achieved tremendous break thru in the engineering & business deve...




FATTER is proud to announce the appointment of Distribution Agent by Seika Corporation, for its series of Ceramic Polymer and Ultra Perform. These are the products of Ceramic Polymer GmbH, Germany. Ceramic Polymer GmbH provides protective coatings for highest requirements! The real corrosion protection - permanent, resistant, solvent-free The Ceramic Polymer GmbH produces high-performance c...




Officially launched Fatter Hydraulic Cylinders Division serving Singapore and Regional Marine, Offshore Oil & Gas markets. This new business division is set up for rapid repair, scheduled servicing, manufacturing, testing and upgrade of HYDRAULIC CYLINDERS....




Fatter is pleased to announce the completion of a gigantic Crane Hoisting Gear (28M , 90T) “ for the Marine Industry ”. Besides demonstrating in-shop capability of large mechanical components, this involves complex refurbishment procedure on hundreds of massive shallow & deep cracks weld repair, heat treatment and very substantial gear teeth re-profiling work. This is a crucial br...