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WWG On-Site(In-Situ) Launching
DATE: 2023-01-19

It was a long dream and great ambition. For a mere 6 months under new Leadership, Management and a 49-men Strong-Team, WWG Engineering had creatively established successfully launched an Uniquely Blended On-Site Services Capabilities covering the following:

1) Machining - On-Site Milling, In-Situ Line Boring, Flange Facing, Pipe Cutting & Bevelling, Laser Alignment (Successfully into Process Plants, Industrial Plants. In-situ  and Laser Alignment Activities for Large Gearboxes, Flanges, Floor Plates)

2) Metal Spray - Inconnel 625(First in Singapore, Marine Vessel Scrubbers), Thermal Spray Aluminium (TSA for Offshore Pipe Spools), Zinc (Regional Military RFI), WA-W400Ni (Sri Lanka Cement Plant Giant Gearbox Bearing Housings)

3) Blasting/Painting - Protectective Coating (PUB's All Marina Barrage Trunnions, Jurong Island Process Plants Projects)

4) Welding & Laser Cleaning Services - Process, Marine Equipment and Facilities (inclusive of Work at Height and Confined Space)

5) Valves Repair - On-site Removal, Complete Overhaul, Repair, Inner/outer Surface Renewal with Protective Coatings, Re-assembly, Testing and Re-installation at Site.