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Exclusive Global Partnership with Osborne Engineering Group
DATE: 2023-10-12

Exclusive Global Partnership with Osborne Engieering Group

Established since 1984 in UK, Osborne Engineering Group has built its name in the areas of white metal bearings repair and manufacturing, Gas Turbine Fuel System Services, Technical Training, and On-site monitoring system.

Osborne White Metal Bearing Services and Parts Manufacturing, are approved and recognised by many global big names such as Shell, ExxonMobil, General Electric, Alstom, and many others.

On 26th September 2023, Osborne and WWG Companies namely WWG Engineering and Daya BumiMaju has signed an exclusive global partnership in repair and manufacturing of white metal bearings.

WWG Engineering, a Fully Integrated One-stop Engineering Solutions Provider, is currently operating 4 Engineering Plants in Singapore, Johore, Trengganu and Sarawak. With Osborne Group's strong presence in the UAE, UK, Poland and the USA, this is going to pave ways for the WWG Engineering on its global business expansion forward.