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Largest Integrated One-Stop Engineering Repair Centre
DATE: 2023-09-17

WWG has achieved great success, building up an unique business culture. With firm belief, WWG is putting main focus on what Singapore is severely lacking of today. Can-do attitude, Committed service philosophy, a 24X7 seamless service support catering all industrial needs, non-stop innovation on technological and technical competency upgrading. 

As the Largest One-Stop Integrated Engineering Solutions and Surface Modification Technology Facility in Singapore. WWG is specialising in Thermal (Metal) Spray, Cold Spray, Laser Cladding, Welding (includes cast iron), Workshop Machining, Mechanical Equipment Overhaul, in-house or in-situ (on site).

WWG Biggest Lathe Capacity: OD Swing 2400 mm X Working Length 4000 mm

WWG Longest Lathe Capacity: OD1300 mm X Working Length 10000 mm

WWG Biggest Laser Cladding Capacity: OD Swing 1600 mm X Cladding Length 12000 mm

WWG Biggest/Longest Cylindrical/Crankshaft Grinding: OD1120 X Length 4200, OD800 mm X Length 8000 mm