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White Metal Bearing Business
DATE: 2022-01-08

In engineering applications,White Metal Bearings is primarily used to line cast iron, steel and bronze bearing shells. Usually, it is a tin based or lead based alloy containing moderate amounts of copper and antimony. In critical engineering environment such as Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Power Generation industries in the high load and operating temperature applications, Tin based white metals are used.

In the business of rebabbiting and remanufacturing of White Metal Bearings, experience and knowledge on bearing operating condition is vital. This is followed by precision machining, fit up of bearings, with knowledge of correct bearing shell or housing crush.FATTER and WWG Group has been in the White Metal Bearing business over a decade.

As more and more knowledge-based engineering competencies are finding harder and harder to maintain and sustain under current economy and market condition,  White Metal Bearings will be among areas of our key investment forward.