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Dr. Wira Lends Weight to WWG Engineering
DATE: 2022-06-20

Dr. Kurnia Wira is an Associate Scientist at WWG Engineering Pte Ltd.

Apart from being a well-known figure and long-time friendship in the industry, WWG Engineering is taking best benefits and maximum leverage of Dr. Wira’s prior vast research, projects and hands-on experience in areas of surface and material related engineering development work.

A PhD in Nuclear Engineering/Plasma Physics from University of Washington, Seattle, USA. and B.Sc in Physics and Mathematics from Nanyang University, Singapore.  His academic research was carried in Aerospace & Energetic Research Lab, USA; Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics, Germany and Institute of Manufacturing, Singapore. Dr. Wira is the founder & technical director of Tech-Serve Engineering. He was also Founder of NanoScience Innovation Pte Ltd and LabWorks & Supplies Pte Ltd. He has advised companies in petrochemical, defense, pharmaceutical and aerospace industries on materials performance, equipment refurbishing, surface engineering etc. He has developed IP protected nanopowder synthesis system and then developed their applications.

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