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Cylinder Heads Cast Iron Rebuilding Specialist
DATE: 2023-03-18

Cylinder Head Cast Iron Rebuilding Specialist

Diesel Engine Cylinder Heads' Cracks, Blow-Thru-Holes, Pitting Corrosion, Excessive Worn Off... Especially the Exhaust Pockets repair, Top Gasket Face, Bottom Cooling Water Holes repair.... etc.  Under yet another Product Applications Development's breakthru, WWG Engineering has emerged as a Specialist in dealing with Cylinder Heads Cast Iron Rebuilding Solutions. WWG serves many OEMs, Repair Centres and Direct Owners. WWG has been rebuilding many types of  Cylinder Heads successfully.  Among hundreds, some of these examples are Wartsila, MAN B&W, Hyundai, Kawasaki, Yanmar.... and many more...

Please Contact 9832 1639, if you need any repair and refurbishment on any model of CYLINDER HEADS