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A new Home for WWG Regional HQ

DATE: 2022-04-24

Over the years, it has been tough in juggling between escalating business-costs resulting from space, labour-related and material-supplies, versus challenging selling pricing. A covid-19 pandemic was more or less putting a "final nail onto coffin" of many SMEs. Many aging SME Bosses are also facing issues on business sustainability, succession plans and charting-forward business strategies ....

At WWG, a diservisied business group, we are always lookiing at the brighter side of the world... We belief in Crisis is Opportunity. Our Engineering Technology Arm, WWG Engineering Pte Ltd is specialising in Thermal Spray Coating and Engineering Services while ambracing on Integration of Diversity. We are reaching out to more and more people and business owners, creating and assembling more business network, technologies, and even merging of business entities, forming a new integration of business innovations and diversified power.

We belief Opportunities are only limited by our Imaginations.... To house our innovative business ambitions,  a New Home for WWG Regional HQ is underway... stay tuned... we shall be fully operational by end May 2022.