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Sailing Thru The Covid-19 Pandemic

DATE: 2022-01-11

Crisis and Opportunities. Notice our Thermal Spray Flames? We have the "Never-Say-Die Spirit". We have these Fire and Heat Driving us Towards New Millenium....

Like many businesses out there, when the Covid-19 Pandemic came, we were equally unprepared. There was no clue to what extend (how big and long time) would this impacts WWG Engineering businesses. Since then, there were too many to work on.... cost control, sales continuity, stable workforce (despite half of them under infection and home qurantine).... The management and all stakeholders have to deal with so many wories, fears, uncertainties and unknown.

Management's prudent approach was paying off. Two years since the Circuit Breaker lockdown in Singapore, WWG Engineering has emerged as a company running much stronger, much more ready to take on the everchanging business environment and challenges than ever before.

We understand the cruel realities, that many businesses will have to go as every aspect of engineering businesses like ours (in Singapore) are getting more and more competitive. We are also getting even more determined and remind ourselves that, we want to be the very few, able to move on, continue staying on stage achieving our success.