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FATTER family celebrating Chinese New Year 2016 with Lion Dance

DATE: 2016-02-12

Despite setting up its business in a super challenging time (inception since 2012), Fatter Group has been growing leaps and bounce in this very competitive Singapore engineering services environment. Following complete upgrading of its Senior & mid-managmeent team and revamping of the business strategy, the Fatter Group have achieved tremendous break thru in the engineering & business development for recent 2 years. Today, FATTER is one of the most successful and dynamic engineering equipment refurbishment company serving Jurong Island petro-chemical plants and some of the ship owners and local shipyards. Having a very young management and production working team, moving forward, The Fatter Group is continue optimistic and putting its main focus on providing the most comprehensive series of surface rebuilding, mechanical engineerings services and offering its clients a total solution on equipment repair, refurbishment and re-manufacturing. The Fatter Family are celebrating Chinese New Year with lion dance, and looking forward for its even better performing year in 2016. We belief, putting our technology, sincerity and handwork, FATTER Group will achieve our next level of success!!!!